Personal stories

In the films shared below, three Jaguar Land Rover employees share their own personal mental health stories. Take the time to watch these films to hear how Matt, Trevor and Kat approached asking for help and what advice they now have for others who may be suffering or not coping.

Matt’s story

An image of Matt

Matt Taylor

Senior Manager - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Matt experienced a stress-induced breakdown in 2014. Having initially ignored the signals his body was sending him, he eventually opened up and started to talk about how he was feeling. Matt was given reassurance from his GP that he was suffering from something and with their help and that of Jaguar Land Rover, Matt returned to work with a whole new perspective on the importance of good mental health. 

In addition to the support he received to address the causes of the breakdown and to get better, Matt turned to physical exercise to aid his recovery and improve his mental resilience.
Click on the video below to learn more about Matt's story.

Kat’s story

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Kat Marlow

Manager - Product Creation and Delivery Office

Having lived with clinical depression for 16 years without realising it, in 2012 Kat found she had reached a point where she believed she wasn't adding value to anyone, both at home and at work. 

At her lowest point, Kat found herself writing suicide letters.

Kat realised she needed to get help and through the professional support of her GP and Jaguar Land Rover, she started her journey of recovery. Kat now prioritises her mental health and has learnt how to manage her mental illness. 

Click on the video below to learn more about Kat's story.

Trevor’s story

An image of Trevor

Trevor Guest

Production Associate - Castle Bromwich Manufacturing Operations 

Having joined the British Army in 1989, Trevor's tours of duty included time in the Gulf during Operation Desert Storm.

During his time in the Army, Trevor witnessed some scenes beyond his imagination which, years later, started to reappear in his thoughts and cause him distress. In 2013, Trevor recognised the potential consequences of not opening up and talking about how he was feeling. By doing so, Trevor realised he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Thanks to the professional support of his GP, specialist PTSD organisations and Jaguar Land Rover, Trevor is now able to recognise the signs of PTSD and has learnt how to manage his mental health as part of everyday life.

Click on the video below to learn more about Trevor's story.

The support and help of the Company and associated professional resources led to a positive outcome for Matt, Trevor and Kat. At Jaguar Land Rover, we believe talking about mental health can help you and those around you to be healthier and happier.

If you’ve been affected by Matt, Trevor and Kat’s stories please visit the support and resources page for information and guidance on how you can access help and support.

Together we can have the conversation.

Useful Links

Local Minds

Mind, the mental health charity, has a network of Local Minds delivering mental health services in England and Wales. The contact details of the local Minds in close proximity to our primary UK sites can be found adjacent:

To find the Local Mind closest to you, please search via this link

Halewood       - 01928 563612

Castle Bromwich - 0121 608 8001

Solihull            - 0121 742 4941/743 4237

EMC                 - 01952 588367

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